Arts Medicine lab, facilitated by Lorna Carmen McNeill is a platform for experimental collaborations and workshops across multiple art forms (including visual art, sound, voice, music, movement, dance, words). It fosters a dialogue between different art practices to cultivate improved health (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually). Arts Medicine Lab works to achieve transformative and immersive experiences to enable deeper connection, meaning, peace, expression and joy.





















An Arts Medicine Lab collaboration between Lorna Carmen McNeill and Luke Brown of Luke Brown Company

Performative light art sculpture by Lorna Carmen McNeill, Movement by Luke Brown.

Moved by Beauty is an immersion into different aspects of the natural elements resulting in a series of pieces which combine performative sculpture, painting, light art, film, sound, movement and dance. We are excited to present our first piece in the series - Connecting to the Essence of Flow 1. Rather than static, refined and totally finished products, these pieces, like life, are experimental and constantly evolving. They are being created during lockdown without Lorna and Luke having ever met in person.


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