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Deep Time Trilogy 2017-2018

The following films are part of my evolving Deep Time installation - a process to develop a multi-sensory language to express the creative movements of our evolving, living Cosmos.  The journey is an invitation to reconnect to deep time – the continuous flow which unites us from ancient time to future potentials.  It is a state of evolving, expanding ongoing inspiration in the face of continuous change and unsettling times – a space in which we are not separate or isolated from eachother or the earth, but deeply connected.  
Underlying all things, from the flaring forth of life, there is an evolving flow that connects us to ourselves, eachother, our past, our future and the planet – if only we can be still enough to experience and realise it.

DEEP TIME EVOLVING HD Video 2.43 mins 2018 Films, light installation, sculpture, sound - Lorna Carmen McNeill

DEEP TIME UNBOXED HD Video 3.33 mins 2018 Films, light installation, sculpture, sound - Lorna Carmen McNeill

"Wow! I am bowled over by your film It is a thing of beauty. I have never been able to understand installations, but I am half-way there now

(S. Spellman 2018)".

EXPLORING DEEP TIME HD Video 3.10 mins 2017 

Film, light installation, sound, sculpture Lorna Carmen McNeill.  Selected Video clips: thanks to Jake Fairnie and Ninon Ardisson

Our Universal Sea - Love it or Lose it:

This installation also pays tribute to Our Universal Oceans which are in danger of large-scale plastic contamination if we don’t act now to minimise and and eventually eradicate the deposition of plastics into them. Our oceans which unite all continents were created and gifted to us as part of our evolutionary journey and we now have the power to preserve their beauty or destroy them depending on our collective human behaviours.

It has been included in a presentation of the top 100 artists in an art-science touring exhibition initiative led by The Universal Sea - Pure of Plastic?

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