"Beautiful - not enough beauty in art"    Suzie Zamit, Sculptor, London

"A truly uplifting and inspirational experience"  Jean Bicknell, London

"I feel comforted, soothed, cooled - to me this work is futuristic/visionary - the process of heating and surrendering form ready for transformation - inspiring and hopeful"    Jane Moore, London

“Mesmerisingly beautiful.   When I feel I need uplifting I put on my headphones and watch the 2 minute video I made of your work and feel energised! It's amazing!”     Shirley-Ann Dixon, Artist, London


"Your work is incredible Lorna, I am amazed to have found you and your art! It gives sense to my existence as human, planetary being and as an artist!I also appreciate you for all the community work you do and for the healing and magic you bring through this video!"  Joana Palma 


"Wow! I am bowled over by your film It is a thing of beauty. I have never been able to understand installations, but I am half-way there now

(S. Spellman, London)".

Unlocking Creativity Course
“The course re-connected me with passion and creativity.  An immediate outcome was the completion of a piece of writing for a journal that had been stuck for over a month - it took 2 days - the article almost wrote itself."  

"Thank you so much for a really great week. I learnt more in that week then I have in years of art lessons."  

Lucy Farrow, GCSE student,


"Thank you for such an inspiring, incredible course!  It has unlocked something for me!  I have learnt so much and am so happy with the work I produced."   Kate Bayman, MA Art and Design


"Thank you for creating such a supportive, creative and freeing course!   This course has been phenomenal, illuminating and inspiring both from an art technique and personal development perspective."  Charlotte Smith, MA.


"Wonderful Unlocking Creativity courses - Each time I attended, I emerged feeling more resourceful and as a result, many things unlocked during the course and long after each course ended.  Lorna is a fantastic facilitator-teacher who skilfully provided sufficient structure while providing space for each person to follow their interests and further their explorations in a group setting."  Amy Barnes, Business consultant, mentor, coach.

Inspiration Reboot/Well-being through Art Courses

““Thank you so much for such an amazing experience with Inspiration Reboot!  I really enjoyed it and certainly feel that it has changed me personally. There is something very healing and therapeutic about the process.  I have learnt about engaging with the process in an embodied way and not let the mind take too much control in what I do in art, research and perhaps also in life in general. It was transformational for me to realise how engaging too much with the head is actually the biggest barrier to my creativity. I am also surprised by how I could express myself, my thoughts, my feelings using colours, textures, shapes and movement of my strokes. I have also learnt about how music actually moves me in many different ways than I thought it did. I have found a new interest to paint and create art with music.”  Christopher Loh, August 2021


“I learned more about what is core to me. I was able to 'return to love' and joy :-) The 'future' picture is giving me a reference point, reassurance and energetic guidance.” Amy Barnes, August 2021


“I enjoyed your passion and energy on zoom and feel it was the perfect balance of painting, homework and content in our weekly sessions. I enjoyed your questions in the homework and your approach to trusting the process, however also having a map to follow if it feels right, the embodiment, meditation, breathing exercises, sound and music which I feel is so important in the time we live in of less human contact.”  Wendy Jones, August 2021


“As someone who considered herself a 'non artist'  I have to admit I was quite apprehensive about signing up for the Inspiration Reboot course.  I needn't have worried.  Lorna's workshops offers a safe and relaxed space to connect with yourself through  a series of simple yet powerful techniques and processes.  Whilst the workshops include teaching in specific art techniques/processes, the emphasis is

on free flow experimenting and expression,  letting go of the need to control and create any preconceived notion of art; instead allowing whatever unfolds naturally on the paper to guide you, and connecting that up to your own inner journey. The outcome was a deeply immersive and engaging experience that has provided me with a clear vision of what I need and would like to bring into my life for greater balance and fulfilment. Would thoroughly recommend this course” Anne-Marie Liew, June 2021


"I have learned so much in this workshop about myself and my expression through art. Through her guidance, reflection and teaching Lorna has enabled a really safe and fun context in the group. I am not an artist and have very little experience of expressing myself through art and have never been too comfortable with it.  I feel that this workshop has opened up a new door for me of expression and has given me the confidence and the tools to carry on this process post workshop. The process has been so rich, nurturing and challenging in a very positive way. It has been so helpful to participate and really contributed immensely to my inner process of development and growth. I highly recommend it!” Joana Ribeiro, June 2021

Team Building:

"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to any organisation looking for something different, where your team can stretch their creative muscles whilst getting to know each other on a more individual level.”  

“I just wanted to reiterate the great time that we all had on Tuesday, and how much that really was down to you putting us all at ease and creating an environment where everyone felt comfortable enough to get involved and express themselves. The consensus from everyone was what a great day it was and how relaxed everyone had felt, even those of us who had scepticism (myself included)!! I really think that you played a huge part in that, so thank you ever so much."  Unilever 2016

"The day was fun and productive; we came away feeling both energised and inspired by our team’s creative potential!   We really appreciated all the detailed and helpful communications that were received prior to the event; Lorna was always on hand to accommodate any questions or concerns we had leading up to the day. We felt confident that all our goals and objectives would be incorporated into the day’s activities.

On the day, our team enjoyed the activities and were overall very engaged and enthusiastic. The length of each activity was ideal, not too short and not too long. The warm-up games were a fun and humorous way to get us into a “team-work” mindset. Most importantly, the activities were hands-on and inclusive and something that everyone could do, no matter their skill level. Teams were also small which meant that people could really get to know each other on a more individual basis. The art tutorial offered prior to the Abstract Painting activity was especially helpful; because of this we didn’t feel “thrown in” to something out of our depth.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to any organisation looking for something different, where your team can stretch their creative muscles whilst getting to know each other on a more individual level. "  City University of London, Marketing and Communications Team Away Day, September 2016