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A series of workshops were developed and run for Level 3 Diploma in Art and Design students at Epping Forest Campus, New City College London - Year 2019-2020,  to collect, recycle or upcycle plastic to create a light art installation of the cosmos.  The Installation was created as part of an art project to raise awareness on sustainability issues. Sculptures were made from recycled plastic bottles/containers/sheet which were heated, sculpted, re-shaped and painted with glass paint by my students.

The workshops included helping students:

  • Gain an understanding of the importance of plastic recycling and how it could link to art

  • Learn new 3D skills to manipulate plastic forms to create different effects, experiment with different lighting for different effects and to create their own plastic sculptures and illuminate them

  • Participate in creating a light art installation

  • To continue to develop understanding and application of the formal elements in art including: Mass/volume, shape, line, form, texture, space, colour 

We are literally made from the same chemical elements as stardust - hence the name Recycling Stardust.   Nearly every atom within us was once inside an exploding Supernova star. We are all part of a highly creative evolutionary process or vortex that progresses in an infinite cycle from dark to light, from night to day. As part of our evolution it is crucial for us to recycle plastic to conserve energy and protect the environment by reducing water pollution and air pollution from the harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses which are released from it in landfill sites.

Below is an HD Video of the final installation created: 1.22 mins 2020  Recycled plastic sculptures: Level 3 Diploma students, Installation & Project Design: Lorna Carmen McNeill, Lecturer in Art and Design, Film: Claudiu Muntean, Lecturer in Media, Editing: Lorna Carmen McNeill and Tayo Rapoport, Child Studio, London, Technical help setting up installation: Steven Kernot and Duncan Burke.

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