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Creative Skills & Processes Unboxed


A series of courses to explore Creative Skills and Processes and Unlock Creative Potential are offered both at the Art Academy and at other venues as five day workshops, a series of 1-2 day workshops or over 10 individual days which link up to form a complete course.

Creative Processes Unboxed are a collection of innovative, experiential courses which create a space for students to journey from

head to heart through learning skills to connect to and express their deepest values.   The courses aim to inspire and facilitate

this through a dialogue between drawing, painting, mixed media and sculpture, and where appropriate installation, to open up

new unexpected creative directions.  Click on image to the right to download document for further information: 

"Unlocking Creativity is an inspirational course that helped me to reconnect with the artistic experience through the process of making. Lorna is a fantastic and supportive teacher who encourages you to explore creativity as part of a self-development process. It is incredible how many mediums you can experiment with in just one week, being motivated to develop your own personal project which culminates in a final piece. It has been rewarding to see how productive you can be simply by following your creativity. I went back to my work and my writing more motivated and inspired. The course is both for people working in the artistic and creative sectors as well as for those interested in approaching these fields in search of the creative moment." 

Sara Buoso, PhD candidate, UAL, 2018

"Lorna is a fantastic facilitator-teacher who skilfully provided sufficient structure while providing space for each person to follow their interests and further their explorations in a group setting.  Wonderful Unlocking Creativity courses - Each time I attended, I emerged feeling more resourceful and as a result, many things unlocked during the course and long after each course ended.  I found the focus on connection and process particularly freeing and allowed creativity to flow unhindered. Exposure to different medium provided multiple sources of inspiration and possibilities. The group was supportive and diverse and I learnt a lot from other people's work.

The week was one of the best courses I have ever been on. It re-connected me with passion and the life-force of creativity as well as opening up surprising avenues of interests that I hadn't previously considered. Installations and 3-D was completely new and a total surprise. It presented a breakthrough in terms of approaching something in my own terms and allowing what is truly wanting to be expressed to be expressed….  an expression of feelings and insights from within.

An immediate outcome was the completion of a piece of writing for a journal that had been stuck for over a month- it took 2 days- the article almost wrote itself.  I recognise now how core creativity is to me…. this realisation has given me the final impetus to stand more fully in a creative and artistic space that I actually love being in!"   Amy Barnes, Corporate Consultant, Facilitator, Mentor, August 2017 -2018

" There was so much opportunity to problem solve independently and together.  Exceptional teacher, Lorna was able to create the environment and support to creatively free me up.  Very enriching valuable experience."  Debbie Robson, August 2016

 "I really want to thank you for the whole of last week. I am full of joy for having discovered both a new passion and a new capability.  I realized that it is the first time ever in my life I am producing and creating something coming from me. Education, studies and most of my work so far had been only learning, taking in knowledge and using/reproducing it to get the good marks, get things right and show I am able and can do what I am expected to do.  So now, I started creating myself and my mind is boiling with ideas and projects since Friday night!    So Big Big Thank you again for introducing me to this new chapter of my life."   Catherine, August, 2016

"Thank you so much for a really great week. I learnt more in that week then I have in years of art lessons."  Lucy Farrow, GCSE student, August 2015


"Thank you for creating such a supportive, creative and freeing week!   This course has been phenomenal, illuminating and inspiring both from an art technique and personal development perspective.  I don’t know how she achieved it, but Lorna has created something very special."  Charlotte Smith, London, August 2015


"Thank you for such an inspiring, incredible course!  It has unlocked something for me!  I have learnt so much and am so happy with the work I produced.  The planning of this course was perfect to help us develop and progress.  Thanks so much."   Kate Bayman, MA Art and Design, London, August 2015

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