TRANSFORMING FROM STARDUST:              This installation and workshops are available to tour

In 2016 this installation was exhibited in Slough at the Langley Academy, Langley Primary School, Creative Junction's Room 350 and the Curve alongside a range of workshop programmes which were triggered by the installation.

In 2017 it was exhibited at: Canary Wharf Winter Lights, Light Bites at the Ugly Duck, London, Holographically at Kinetica Art Fair, Langley Academy Science Week.



Four fibre optic based sculptures with a time-base moving light sequence:

Flaring Forth: Birth of the Universe, a baby, a creative idea; new direction, infancy, Spring, Dawn.

Emerging: Galaxy formation, youth, evolving ideas, Golden section, Fibonacci sequence, Spring-Summer, Morning.

Radiance:  Star formation, adulthood, coalescence, Summer-Autumn, Afternoon.

Reprocessing:  Supernova, elderhood, breakdown, death, decay, base elements released back into the universe as materials for recreation, Winter, Night.

"Lorna’s ‘Transforming from Stardust’ exhibition makes the idea of existing within the vast universe something quite magical.

 I was really captivated by the whole experience because it felt really relaxing watching each sculpture emerge from the darkness of the room and light up in different colours. I felt as though I was one with the universe as I saw each stage of its creation, it was like a three dimensional experience because you could clearly see all of the details and contours on each of the sculptures and actually take your time to admire it’s fragments up close, compared to just seeing a digitalised interpretation on TV or on your computer."  J Morissette, 2016. 


Photographs By Lorna Carmen McNeill and Jim Carty

RESPONSES TO THE INSTALLATION (age groups in brackets):

"I was really amazed about the 4 sculptures in the tent. It looked very different to other sculptures which you might find in a museum.”

• “Very cool” (5 – 11), “really beautiful and shiny” (12-15), “Woah stars!“ (16-20), “Really attractive and exciting” (20-24), “Visually stunning” (40-49), “Ethereal, subtle, immersive” (50 – 64), “The blue swirly one is like a peaceful tornado.” (5-11), “The first one reminds me of a jellyfish.” (5-11), “Softens thinking – allows being” (50 – 64), "peaceful and calm” (5- 11), "happy" "curious" "as if I am in the universe, floating around" "as if I’m in a dream”  (12-15), "Soulful / spiritual” (40 -49), “It was a great experience. It makes me want to jump.” (5 –11)

Transforming from Stardust enacts the enthralling creative Journey of the Universe within which we all participate. It is a reminder that just as there are specific greater universal and cosmic creative processes, they are continuously active inside all of us as well!   We are literally made from the same chemical elements as stardust.   Nearly every atom within us was once inside an exploding Supernova star. Creative processes and vortexes like galaxies whirl within us, in our DNA, within the Milky Way and in all things.  We are stardust which has become conscious.   


This installation is part of an Arts Council funded project: Slough and the Universe: Art, Astrophysics and Inspiring communities.  The installation pays homage to Slough based William Herschel, founder of modern stellar astronomy, whose discoveries include identifying the planet Uranus and infra-red technology which has contributed to modern fibreoptics.    It is also inspired by the Journey of the Universe  book and film by Brian Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker.


The sculptures are aimed to act as a springboard for a series of workshops for children, young people, and adults to facilitate creative expression about the universe and our place within it and to trigger other activities across science and art.   The installation is an invitation for people to live their potential.  


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