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Lantern Making Workshops for Tree of Light 
Creative Royston Illumination Festival, Jun-Sept 2015
As part of this project, light art workshops were run for 350 children, from primary school pupils to GCSE students for the Royston Illumination Festival.  Over a four month period, we developed the idea of a Tree of Light and created a tree from willow to act as a structural sculpture to bring together and unify the work of Royston's children.  With the aim of creating the leaves and the flowers of the tree, workshops were facilitated with children in 7 schools.   During the workshops young people made sustainable willow lanterns or light art pieces which were hung and illuminated with LEDs on the Tree of Light in Royston Library. 

Willow, steel poles, tissue paper, transparent lighting gels, thermoplastics, glass paint, LED lighting.  Installation of variable dimensions
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