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On 23rd March 2020, the government instructed the nation to go into lockdown to limit the spread of the Corona Virus pandemic which was reportedly taking lives at an alarming rate.   We were told to Stay at Home, only go out for essential shopping, infrequently or for exercise only once a day, and to work at home if at all possible.   Social distancing meant we had to stay 2 metres away from anyone else and anyone who violated this was at risk of being fined by the police.  No travel was allowed other than for the essentials above.   Shops, workplaces and all going concerns were closed down and it became almost impossible to enter or leave the UK.  It was unclear whether there was enough food to feed everyone and it was almost impossible to book home food delivery as this had been booked up for weeks ahead, and priority was rightly reserved for front line NHS workers and those deemed to be at high medical risk of catching the virus.   (Click for MORE INFORMATION about the artwork)

           MATERIALS: Acrylic, watercolour, ink, bleach, photographs, collage on watercolour paper    70 x 50 cm  

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