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Teaching, facilitation and mentoring offered:

  • Currently tutor at Hampshire Cultural Trust and Hampshire Art Studios.  Previously Art and Design Lecturer, New City College and Tutor at The Art Academy, London - drawing, painting and sculpture

  • I offer workshops and Programmes in Mixed Media, 3D (wire, paper, clay/mixed media), Creative and Experimental Watercolour, Creative Life Drawing, Unlocking/revisioning Creative Processes - online and in person - Contact me for more information:

    • Vibrant and Experimental Watercolour

    • Life drawing re-imagined

    • Finding Peace through Nature and creative skills

    • ​Creativity revisioned​

    • Finding Creative Expression

    • 2D, 3D, 4D

    • Awesomeness in Action

    • Inspiration Reboot

    • Becoming More Me

    • Connecting to and immersed in Colour

    • Creative Recyling Plastic workshops  

    • Illuminate - lantern making  

    • Bespoke courses

  • Team building and creative interactive art workshops for businesses, charities, groups, and private tutoring.  

  • Community development projects for groups of people or children and to develop work for specific events such as a light festivals or exhibitions.

  • Mentoring for individuals and groups - as requested.  In 2016, I mentored Xtra.Art, a UK based project run by young people, supporting & inspiring young artists to host their very own exhibition, together with the completion of a gold Arts Award.  I worked with them to produce an exhibition for Spark, Slough and complete components for their Arts Award.  

  • Both within my art practice and teaching, workshop facilitation and mentoring, the intention is to enable connectedness, inspiration and illumination.   

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