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A collaboration between Lorna Carmen McNeill and Geoff Blindt.

Sculpture, Vision, & Concept - Lorna Carmen McNeill, Creative lighting and technical design - Geoff Blindt

e_Luminate, Cambridge, 2015  

Heading 6

A new sculptural installation was created which embodies the colours of the rainbow as a tribute to the International Year of Light 2015, inspired by its logo - all the colours that light breaks down into.   The international e-Luminate Cambridge Festival aimed to engage communities and partners to explore the connection between art and technology through the medium of Light.

Womad, July 2014. Documentation Film of installation - HD video 2014 0.56 secs   Video - Geoff Blindt. Music - the Dhol Foundation

BARBICAN, MAY 2014.   SOUL IGNITION is about the journey of a creative impulse to birth of soul purpose.  This is envisioned through four stages starting from the bottom octahedron:   1. A spark of light ignites the flame within a safe structure; 2. the flicker ignites the birth of an emerging form;  3. the structure and the new form undergo transmutation;  4. a completely new flowering form emerges free of the structure.  And so the soul path is ignited, and infinite, non-repeating moving light patterns radiate into the world.

Soul Ignition, documentation of installation, HD video 4.52 minutes.  Music - Essence by Laraaji.


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