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A residency which involved creating a large light art installation - Light-Life Ignite, around

which a series of Art workshops for young people of different ages were developed. 

A final light art installation - Light-Life Ignited was then created in response to the art work 

made by the young people.


A series of interactive workshops were created for the young people across a number of different mediums (paintings, movement, clay sculptures, projection wheels and musicin response to a light installation that was created.   By flowing from one medium or approach to the next, a dialogue between different art disciplines (light, sound, music, dance and movement) and a range of different art materials and processes enabled unexpected creative flow.  

"It was more than a music playing session, the light art work was bringing us all together to create a collective inspiration”.

“It was very relaxing, it made us play better together”.    Comments by Wac Art tutors.
Below are some examples of the experimental workshops and responses.

1. Smashing and tearing to create portals.  Adding projection & interactive technology 

2 Making portals to shine light through and make music to.
3. Making clay sculptures to the music
4. Painting to the music created, painting projection wheels and projecting through them
5. Moving to the interactive installation and making shadow puppets to the projection 
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