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"Beautiful - not enough beauty in art"    Suzie Zamit, Sculptor, London

"A truly uplifting and inspirational experience"  Jean Bicknell, London


"I feel comforted, soothed, cooled - to me this work is futuristic/visionary - the process of heating and surrendering form ready for transformation - inspiring and hopeful"    Jane Moore, London

"Wonderful Unlocking Creativity courses - Each time I attended, I emerged feeling more sourceful and as a result, many things unlocked during the course and long after each course ended"  Amy Barnes, Surrey.


 Selected Courses/Exhibitions 2019

21st Feb 2019

Workshop for Young Carers, 'Hear Us Shout,' Oaklands College, St Albans 


            14th March 2019

Workshop for Health and Social Care Students: 'Health and well-being through the Arts', Epping Forest College

23-24th March 2019

 Unlocking Creativity, The Art Academy,  London


22nd September 2019

Rose Nebula,

Hospice of St Francis - Exhibition at Open Afternoon - 40th Birthday celebration

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