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Wac Arts, London is a charity that has been driven by the needs of young people and the community

for over 40 years. It lifts generation after generation of young people, empowering them with the life

skills offered by the arts. They are committed to those who face barriers to opportunity, using the

infinite power of the arts to unleash the extraordinary potential of young people.

I was funded by a grant from the Arts Council to be Artist in Residence at Wac Arts in 2015.  We created a large light art installation to stimulate a series of highly interactive Art workshops which were facilitated for the young people to inspire paintings, movement, clay sculptures, 

projection wheels and music.  A final light art installation was created in response to the work created with young people.


This was the final show of the three month Wac Arts Residency.  It was a celebration of light and life, here and now.   It fuses fine art with sustainable light and digital technologies to illuminate the invisible communication that permeates all things. 

 The interactive digital component invites you to experience the light of a sun rising and breaking through kaleidoscopic life patterns. Constant light at the core illuminates all things even when all seems uncertain and impermanent. The colours in the sun in the sculpture represent the rainbow colours that light breaks down into.

Film of Installation - Video HD 4.38 minutes Mar 2015  Sculpture, Vision, & Concept - Lorna Carmen McNeill, Creative lighting and technical design - Geoff Blindt, Digital interactive programming – Richard Burns, Sound track - Hector Miles and Young People at Wac Arts, Film production - Manolo Remiddi




This installation was the first show of the Wac Arts Residency.  Through feedback and facilitating creative interactive workshops (Light-Life Igniting) with the young people in Wac Art Programmes, the first installation was developed and took on a new light life - an interactive installation  – ‘Light-Life Ignited!’


It is about how a creative flicker is ignited and then transforms and blossoms.   Light portals open a door to the other dimension or to a greater good.  The interaction between light and life ignites new, ever-changing unexpected rivers of flowing light and colour which radiate into the world.   Life-Light Ignite pays tribute to the United Nations International Year of Light 2015.

Film of installation - Video HD 4.38 minutes Jan 2015 Installation by Lorna Carmen McNeill and Geoff Blindt.  Film by Nathan Greenwood. 

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