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'Transforming from Stardust' invite

Transforming from Stardust' - Exhibition invitation - PRESS RELEASE An exhibition by artist Lorna Carmen McNeill incorporating fiberoptic lighting is coming to the Langley Academy. Lorna’s installation pays homage to Slough based astronomer William Herschel, whose discoveries include identifying the planet Uranus and infra-red technology which has contributed to modern fibreoptics. The project ‘Slough and the Universe: Art, Astrophysics and Inspiring communities’ is funded by Arts Council England’s Grant for the Arts. The project also includes a number of workshops for school students, local residents, including an Age UK choir, a group of emerging artists and the Slough business community. Workshops embrace multiple disciplines including, science, art, maths, religious education, philosophy, ecology and Museum Learning. Workshop participants and groups will be invited to respond creatively to the themes of the exhibition through music, art, song, dance and creative writing. Lorna said "The installation enacts the greater enthralling Journey of the Universe within which we all participate. It is a reminder that just as there are specific universal creative processes, they are continuously active inside all of us as well! We are literally made from the same chemical elements as stardust. We are conscious stardust." Community groups, families, emerging artists and everyone is encouraged to visit the exhibition at the Langley Academy. The exhibition will be at:

1. The Langley Academy (19th – 30th September): Private view: Friday 30th September at the Langley Academy between 14:10 and 16:00. This will include a talk from the artist and an overview of the life of William Herschel and the context of the project. To book go to Eventbrite Access to the exhibition at other times will be by special request. Contact Jenny Blay, Tel: 01753-214471 2. The Langley Academy Primary School (3rd-14th October) 3. Room 350, above the Slough Aspire Centre (17th-31st October) Open evening – 20th October 4-8pm – for details contact Lorna: Tel: 07967 978821 The plan is then for the installation to be available to tour beyond Slough and for inspirational workshops to be developed for a wider group of people.

  • The Langley Academy is the UK’s only Museum Learning school

  • The Academy has a special focus on science and Museum Learning

  • Students are actively engaged with museum objects and displays in the school’s atrium

  • Information about the school can be found at or on TLA Museum Learning twitter @MuseumLearning

  • Lorna Carmen McNeill is the current artist in residence at the school who specialises in fusing fine art with light and digital technologies.

  • Information about Lorna and her work can be found at: or on the artists Twitter feed @lornacarmen

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