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Inspiration Reboot Course starting 15th July 2021

10-11.30 for 6 weeks ONLINE - £180, limited to 6 people

Are you doing what you really want to? What inspires you now and is it the same as before? What is your soul craving to express? Is it time to create a new life map to ensure you consciously decide what you want for your one, unique and precious life?

When one thing shuts down something else opens….. come explore what that is for you…

· Experiential workshops, 1.5 hours per week over 6 weeks. Requirement to attend all workshops as each one builds on the one before (unless force majeure). Currently online (via Zoom) but can be offered onsite.

· Suitable for artists as well as those who have no prior art experience.

· Creative, fun, transformational art processes across multiple art forms to open up new flow and move into a new more inspired space.

· Exploring your current reality, your relationship with yourself, others and the planet.

· Releasing what is no longer relevant, embracing what nourishes you now.

· Awaken, ignite your passion and potential, be supported to realign to your core purpose.

· Creative homework in between workshops to develop processes initiated (minimum 1 hour/week). Suggested list of art materials needed will be given.

· One to one or small group sessions, adults (18+), young people (16-18 with consent)

· Follow up workshops, sessions or individual mentoring/tutoring available.

For more information contact:


Founded in 2021 by Lorna Carmen McNeill, is a platform for experimental, creative collaborations and workshops across multiple art forms (including visual art, sound, voice, music, movement, dance, words). It fosters a dialogue between different creative and expressive art practices to cultivate improved health (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually). Arts Medicine Lab works to achieve transformative and immersive experiences to enable deeper connection, awakening, meaning, peace, expression and joy.


Lorna is a multi-media artist, teacher, facilitator and change agent. She has been involved in creative facilitation for over 30 years. Her artwork is immersive, sensory and experiential to inspire people to achieve positive personal and societal transformation, improve well-being, and soothe the human soul. She has exhibited widely and received several Arts Council Awards. Lorna originally trained and practised as a Clinical Nutritionist and behaviour change agent within the NHS, community, research and the private sector. She worked extensively with psychologists, training health professionals in core counselling skills, cognitive, behavioural and motivational strategies for achieving lifestyle change, as well as running innovative courses on finding inner nourishment to enhance mental, physical and spiritual well-being. She is interested in how different art forms can mutually strengthen and support each other to infuse creativity into the heart of life. Rather than questioning how creative you are, she invites you to explore what you can do with the creativity that you intrinsically already are.


“As someone who considered herself a 'non artist' I have to admit I was

quite apprehensive about signing up for the Inspiration Reboot course.

I needn't have worried. Lorna's workshops offers a safe and relaxed space to connect with yourself through a series of simple yet powerful techniques and processes. Whilst

the workshops include teaching in specific art techniques/processes, the emphasis is

on free flow experimenting and expression, letting go of the need to control and create

any preconceived notion of art; instead allowing whatever unfolds naturally on the

paper to guide you, and connecting that up to your own inner journey.

The outcome was a deeply immersive and engaging experience that has provided me

with a clear vision of what I need and would like to bring into my life for greater balance

and fulfilment. Would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone looking to gain

insight and inspiration. A big thank you Lorna!”

Anne-Marie Liew, Life Coach, June 2021

"I have learned so much in this workshop about myself and my expression through art. Through her guidance, reflection and teaching Lorna has enabled a really safe and fun context in the group. I am not an artist and have very little experience of expressing

myself through art and have never been too comfortable with it. I feel that this

workshop has opened up a new door for me of expression and has given me the confidence and the tools to carry on this process post workshop.

It is really helpful to have the option of having future one to one or group sessions with Lorna to further explore this process which has been so rich, nurturing and challenging

in a very positive way. It has been so helpful to participate and really contributed

immensely to my inner process of development and growth. I highly recommend it!"

Joana Ribeiro, Systemic Family Therapist, MA, June 2021


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