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Movement and Flow Unboxed: 4-7th December 2017

At the Art Academy, London COURSE CODE: SC1701030 TUTOR: Lorna Carmen McNeill DATES: Monday – Thursday, 4th – 7th December 2017 DAYS - 4 TIMES: 10.00am – 5.00pm EXPERIENCE LEVEL: All Levels FEE£250 This exciting 4 day course involves learning specific skills in drawing, painting, mixed media sculpture, whilst taking inspiration from key artists in relation to the dynamics of natural flow and the moving body. The course proposes the idea that everything is in a state of perpetual motion and change, and explores ideas and representations of movement, flow, and transition, through painting, drawing, and kinetic work. Students will apply the new artistic skills and techniques learnt to their own

Arts and Mental Health Training Day, Langley Academy: Workshop and presentation on Unlocking Creativ

Slough Cultural Education Partnership. Taking part in culture and the arts can make a powerful contribution to mental health and wellbeing. In the Slough Cultural Education partnership we want to ensure that children and young people in our town have access to culture and the arts for all of the benefits this brings. This training day includes: Sharon Potter from Artful Minds, on the theory and practice of arts activities to support mental health in children and young people. Lorna McNeill - Workshop on The emotional effects of colour and form; and presentation and case studies on projects involving Unlocking Creativity to improve Health and Well-being Examples of successful projects from o

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