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Jan 16, 2017 Open evening (4-9pm) 'Stardust' at Canary Wharf Winter Lights

Transforming from Stardust will be in Crossrail Place Tropical Roof Gardens, Canary wharf, Jan 16-Jan 27th 2017

Transforming from Stardust will be in the beautiful Crossrail Place Roof Gardens at Winter Lights at Canary Wharf from Monday 16th January 2017 - Friday 27th January. It is one of 30 spectacular Light Installation throughout Canary Wharf. These sculptures, structures and installations are the creations of some of the most innovative artists and designers around today, presenting work in different forms of light technology. Together the artists represent four continents across the world with installations that are interactive, performance art or visual spectacles to be admired from afar.

Appealing to art lovers, families, young and the old, there is something for everyone from dusk and all for free. Best seen after 4pm all the installations and light affects come alive during the evening until 9pm so join us on a dark January evening and experience a wealth of inventive and spectacular light effects and sculptures that will illuminate the Canary Wharf skyline.

Transforming from Stardust enacts the enthralling creative Journey of the Universe within which we all participate. It is a reminder that just as there are specific greater universal and cosmic creative processes, they are continuously active inside all of us as well! We are literally made from the same chemical elements as stardust. Nearly every atom within us was once inside our star, the Sun. Creative processes and vortexes like galaxies whirl within us, in our DNA, within the Milky Way and in all things. We are stardust which has become conscious.

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